Our 24 acre wholesale site allows us to offer an expanded selection of green goods and supplies, as well as increase our quantities of stock on hand, to ensure that we will have the materials you want when you need them. All with the same fast, friendly, and efficient service expected from Grove Nursery.
Grove Nursery Aerial view of a Grove Nursery Tree Grove.

Wholesale Trees | Oak, Maple, Aspen, BIrch, Dogwood, Magnolia
On the corner of County Road 30 and Trail Haven Road, the yard is easily accessible even for large semi-trailers. Once you are on the lot, stop in the sales office for a fresh cup of coffee and place your order. With load list in hand, we will direct you where to start on the lot and our friendly yard staff will meet you. Then just drive around the lot while our crew loads your truck for you! You are always welcome to hand pick your own materials if you so desire. Once your truck is loaded and tarped, stop back in the sales office so we can finish processing your order.

In order to expedite this process, we encourage our customers to call, fax, or email orders in prior to pick up. Due to the efficiency of our loading procedure, we typically do not pull orders.

Equally as efficient is the delivery service that we offer. We utilize courier services as well as contracted local drivers to ensure the best availability and competitive rates.
Potted Ice Dragon

Day Lillies, shade trees, fruits/edibles, perennials, ground covers, vines 
At the wholesale yard we supply:

  • Shade Trees -B&B and Potted
  • Ornamental Trees -B&B and Potted
  • Evergreen Trees -B&B and Potted[IMAGE]
  • Fruits and Edibles -Potted
  • Deciduous Shrubs -Potted
  • Evergreen Shrubs -B&B and Potted
  • Perennials -Potted
  • Ornamental Grasses -Potted
  • Ground Covers -Flats
  • Vines -Potted
  • Grass Seed -Bagged
  • Landscape Rock -Bulk
  • Mulch -Bulk and Bags
  • Pulverized Topsoil & Garden Mix Soil -Bulk
  • Edging -Plastic and Steel
  • Weed Barrier -Poly, Fabric and Typar
  • Excelsior Blanket
  • Landscape Timbers
  • Tools, Tarps, and other Landscape Supplies